Sunday, December 12, 2010

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Tactical Division are the Security guard hire professionals within the Sydney and Australia wide region. The team are thorough and their advanced security alarms Sydney branch allow them to tailor a specific solution to meet every clients requirements. Providing Sydney and Australia's best security guard services, securty guard hire prices and Sydney security alarms and security monitoring and security patrols. Please call 1300 685 850 or visit our site for more information Tactical Division

Monday, November 22, 2010

Personal Security and Bodyguarding tips

The following are tips for efficient bodyguarding.
1) Understand your limitations
2) Research your surroundings
3) Be Paranoid
4) Do not be over confident with any situation, fear the worst
5) Do not be lazy - no hands in pockets, leaning, slouching or chewing!
6) Training is an absolutely necessary Self Defense and First Aid
7) Understand the threats surrounding your job
8) Have an objective one which your client is also aware of
9) Careful planning is the only way to meet the objective
10) Never get distracted un-necessarily
11) Communicate efficiently and effectively
12) Be direct
13) Stay alert and vigilant
14) Be Professional
15) Carry out every task with absolute precision
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sydney security guard hire security guards Sydney

We all enjoy a social gathering but not many people recognise the great effort and lengths that our Syndey security guards will go through to make sure that visitors and guests to clubs venues and pubs are safe and kept away from harm. Unfortunately situations will get out of control from time to time but we strongly believe that an experienced and well trained security guard or bouncer at a Sydney venue should be able to stop a situation before it escalates. Sydney security guards and sydney bouncers need to make sure they are vigilant as peoples moods and circumstances whilst under the influence of alcohol and drugs are very volatile. What would seem as irrational behaviour will seem to be quite normal to an individual influenced by drugs or alcohol. Security guards biuncers and security officers within Sydney need to understqnd crowd and i dividual behaviours and take necessary steps prior to escalation such as building repoir with possible trouble makers. A friednly smile can sometimes be the difference between a conflict and diffusing a volatile situation. Tactical Division security guards and Sydney security services including our bouncers at nightclubs and venues are made aware that monitoring of crowd behaviour and taking necessary steps to make sure everyone has a good time but still does not compromise guest safety is pivotal in working as a security guard or nighclub bouncer in Sydney's sometimes threatening environments. To find out the difference between a Tactical Divuision security service our office is contactable 24hrs a Day 7 days a week on 1300 685 850

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tactical Division for security guard hire Sydney

Our expert services, affordable rates and reliability for protective service delivery make Tactical Division the obvious choice in hiring a security guard for security services Sydneywide. The security guard hire Sydney service can be tailored to suite birthday parties at both home and hired venues or just to protect property and people when and as needed. We've taken on jobs that provided security guards for homes offices people and property. For a free security quotation please phone 1300 685 850 anytime.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Complying with licensing regulators

Dynamic industries such as security will have many compliance regulations which must be adhered to by both Sydney security company Master License holders and the Sydney security guards. One aspect which is usually overlooked is the adherence of carrying a Green Card when conducting construction site security duties as well as building site security guarding.

Construction companies looking to hire a dedicated security guard or even security team must remember to ensure they have a licensed security guard who holds a Green Card to clear the security guard of conducting his patrols checks and various duties whilst on site. Many Sydney based security companies have standard checks and measures in place when providing these security guards to Sydney's private and government construction sites but to be sure ask your security provider for hard or soft copies to comply with government regulators, insurance companies and Workers Compensation regulations.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Being socially challenged in this industry is not an option.

The security industry in Sydney is such a large industry but such a small one at the same time. With so many companies competing for the same or similar contracts it is very hard not to bump heads with previous colleagues or business associates. Never the less it will happen from time to time. A Sydney security company owner just hopes that its a pleasant head clash.

Security guards will usually travel from multiple Sydney security companies and take some of their baggage with them. Baggage which may be stubborness, distrust and above all an ego. These security guards are usually the bad eggs and bring the industry and it's reputation into disrepute. Usually by the time they encounter an honest and hard working security company who advocates for it's employees the security guards will second guess that security companies motives and most probably move on again usually on bad terms via a no show to shift or worse.

A maticulous and selective mind will learn quickly how to sort the good eggs from the bad. That is why Tactical Division place such a large emphasis on selection criteria, integrity and discipline. We are only as good as our last roster and in this industry that's all that seems to count when providing a quality security service. So where does this leave the budding entrepreneur looking to become Sydney's security provider? Buckle up your patience belt and bid goodbye to the life you once had.